Are you being good to your Candle??

Your candle is treating you well, changing the atmosphere and mood, has the house smelling soooo good.

And meanwhile you are over there neglecting your Candle!

There are a few things I want you to do to preserve your candle, when I say this I sometimes will get a eye roll and people say omg I have to care for the candle? 


Its fairly simple, follow these easy steps and your candle will burn forever! 

1. Trim the wick! This is most important. When you receive a candle from us, it will be trimmed  already, but once you burn your candle it is your responsibility to trim it each and every time before its lit again. If you are a true Candle Hoarder, I suggest you invest in a wick trimmer. If you aren't at hoarding status yet you can easily pick and remove the black "mushroom" that forms once a candle has cooled.

2. Have you ever lit a candle and it just burned so wonky? Uneven levels, not burning correctly, with so much wax on the sides that you could make a new candle? Well this is called tunneling. You can prevent tunneling by doing this:

When you first light your candle, make sure it burns for at least ONE HOUR. So if you have to run to the grocery store right away, save the candle for later because this is super important. Your candle has memory, just like us, and if it is burned incorrectly previously it will pick right up from the same spot. So by burning for the one hour initially, you are giving your candle a chance to burn an even top layer of wax. Doing this will be the start of a clean even burn. 

Now these steps may seem complex, but after a few tries and you see how amazing your candle is burning it will become second nature! If you have any questions about how your candle burns, drop them below! 

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