Candle Boss Intensive- In Person

Candle Boss Intensive- In Person

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Have you ever wanted to start a candle business? But honestly had no clue where to begin?! I've been there before and honestly it was a scary place full of trial and lots of error! 

Over the past 4.5 years I have perfected the art of candle making and building the Sugar & Grace Co. brand! I am still learning so much everyday and I am so excited to share my proven launch strategy with you! 

We will have one full day of interactive learning where we will cover the following:

- Types of Wax/ Why

- Wicks

- Candle Safety

- Interactive Candle Making/ Testing/ Troubleshooting

- Suppliers

- How to Stand Out In a Saturated Market

- Access to my Team

- Building your tribe/ Social Media Presence

- A professional online presence from day 1

- Branding/ Story Telling

- Building Your Brand On a Budget

- Launch Strategy

- Open Q&A Session

- One on One Calls with Erica, Once monthly x2

You will also leave with our Wholesale & Private Label Guide, you will not be ready for wholesale or private label initially but once you establish your brand the guide will be ready when you are! If you already have a candle business but feel you need a do over, come learn with us! 


When you leave our One Day Intensive, I am expecting for you to be able to hit the ground running to where you're able to schedule your first pop up within 6 weeks! You will leave with the confidence, knowledge and tools to start! 

If you have been following my story on social media, you have seen that there was a climb to get to where I am now. What was the secret? Consistency, Hard Work AND Believing in myself, when others did not. This is NOT a "little candle business" this can be the start of your legacy.

You have to be able to willing to put in the work. When you feel that things aren't going the way you want continue to push.. the magic happens right at that point, and who knows, that could have drawn you here to this site right now. I'm excited for you and believe you can do this! Now let's get started!!

*This one day Intensive also includes your own set of supplies for you to take home, valued at $350.

This class will take place on 8/21/2022 from 9-5PM. If you are flying in, we will provide hotel recommendations, once your ticket is booked.

Spaces are LIMITED! 



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