Bring your friends, let's have a good time! 

This listing is for those who would like to come in and make a candle! After 5pm booking are reserved for parties of 6 or larger. 

Have questions? View our FAQ below.


Upcoming Events

November 8th, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Come create your very own dried flower intention candle, personalized with a message or affirmation you desire to bring to reality. Learn more here.


November 14th, 15th, 28th & 29th

Come join us for an amazing time!

At Candles & Cocktails you can come in and create your own custom scented candle, as well as a custom label! 

While your candle cools you will also get to choose a cocktail from The Stockpot. Your candle has a curing time of one hour, so by the time you are done with your cocktail your candle is also ready! 

All candles are made with soy wax and non toxic fragrance oil. Read FAQ here.

Please purchase and reserve your time here!  



1. How many people can I book for?

You can book for 1 to 20 people.

2. Can I bring alcohol?

No, outside alcohol is not permitted and alcohol is not provided.

3. How far in advance do I need to book?

Booking a week in advance is recommended.

4. How long will the workshop last?

Allow for 15 min for making your candle and an hour for it to cool. Shop around Selden Market while your candle cools!

5. What does the workshop price include?

Workshops are $38 and includes jar (you pick out when you arrive), custom label you can create yourself, custom blend of fragrances, soy wax, wooden wicks and accessories (dried flowers, warning label). Sizes range from 6oz-16oz. Price includes 6-9oz, but you can upgrade to 12-16oz vessel in store for $5 uncharge.

6. Can I make one of the blended scents of candles for sale in Sugar and Grace Co. Shop?

Scents are different than candles in shop but can help you create something similar.

7. What is the minimum age for taking a workshop?

We've had kids as young as four years old come! 

8. Can I schedule a workshop for after hours?

If it is after 5pm, groups must be 6 people or larger.

9. What is your cancelation policy?

Once booked, no cancelation.

10. Can I book separate from my party?

Parties must be booked together.

11. Can I walk in and make a candle without a reservation?

You can walk in and make a candle if you’re 1-2 people but more than that it’s best to book so we can arrange tables in advance for you.

12. Can I bring my candle container back and make another candle?

Yes! Bring back your vessel and make another candle for $10 less than original price!