Charcuterie + Conversation Candle Making Workshop

Charcuterie + Conversation Candle Making Workshop

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Come join us for a Wax + Snacks Candle Making Session! Whether you bring your significant other, best friend, or anyone else you want to have a good time with, we guarantee a memorable experience. Together, we'll create a 10 oz candle, and while it cools, you can enjoy your very own personalized Charcuterie box and engaging conversation!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people can I book a reservation for? You can book a workshop for up to 16 people.

2. Can I bring alcohol? No, but if you book a Candles & Cocktail Workshop, alcohol is provided by a local vendor. We also are surrounded by restaurants that you can purchase alcohol from!

3. How far in advance can I book? We would recommend at least a week out, our spaces have been filling up fast for the themed workshops!

4. How long will the workshop last? The process to make a candle takes 15 minutes, and 1 hour to cool. We recommend checking out the surrounding shops during the cooling time.

5. What does the workshop price include? Each workshop is priced per person with the exclusion of "Candles & Couples" And it includes everything needed to create a candle! (Jar, wax, wick, fragrance oil)

6. Can I make one of the signature scents from Sugar & Grace? No, but we can help you create something similar!

7. What is the minimum age for a workshop? Four years old, parental supervision is required for all minors.

8. Can I schedule a workshop after hours? If you have a party of 12 or more, yes. Please send us an email to inquire.

9. What is your cancelation policy? No cancelations or refunds. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please notify us ASAP. You can reschedule your booking once. If you are a no show up to your appointment, you lose your slot as well as monies paid. If you are more than 15 mins late, there may be a delay in seating or rescheduling may be advised.

10. Can I book separate from my party? Please all book at once, so we can try to reserve the appropriate seating for you!