Note To Self Book


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It started as this: a journal. A private diary of moments in time, a collection of personal life lessons and questions, an assemblage of knowledge from a girl who knows nothing, really, but might know a thing or two.

In these personal thoughts-turned-quotes, Mia Brabham explores life's questions and makes bold observations. The punchy yet soulful musings are whimsical and self-effacing; self-deprecating and kind. They’re raw, they’re tough love, they’re tender affection. They were written tired and inspired. Hungry for more and full with what she had. They were written with intense honesty, or at least her version of it, because who was ever going to read them? They're about how dreams are secretly shapeshifters, and how people can be simultaneously amazing and crummy. They're about how heartbreak molds you and how love is not only a feeling but also a choice. These thoughts are about how decisions are hard but less hard when you realize that existing is about what makes your soul sing. About how this life is playful, and scary, and above all things — beautiful. These quotes have been lived. These quotes are stories.

This little book of ponderings is the perfect gift for anyone with an affinity for words and wisdom who is ready to become more of themselves.