Skin Deep Body Candle Collection


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Often times as women, there is a love hate relationship with our bodies. There is always a size or a number we would love to get back to..or so we think?! But what happens when we get there? Is there something else we will zoom on and tend to pick apart? Adding to our list of things we don't like.

Constantly having this in a part of our mind, plays a part on how we view ourselves. Not to mention the glitz and glam of social media. Silence all of the noise, self doubt, and influence and truly love yourself. You are beautiful inside AND out and you are worth it.

With our Skin Deep collection, we want you to see yourself within this candle and know,

-my size does not define me

-these stretch marks are a part of me

-I am beautiful

-I love myself

.. the list goes on and on

Self love is truly the best love.

Choose your shade, and size. Please note each candle is *UNSCENTED*