Whats your sign? Wooden Wick Soy Candle Collection


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  • Aquarius- notes of tonka bean & citrus

Knowledgeable, Insightful & Compassionate


  • Pisces- notes of sweet amber & sea moss

Imaginative, Reactive & Indecisive 


  • Taurus- notes of tonka, floral and citrus

Secure, Ambitious, and Patient


  • Cancer- notes of tonka, vanilla and orange

Emotional, diplomatic, impulsive


  • Gemini- notes of driftwood & goji berry

Inquisitive, intelligent, challengible


  • Leo- notes of orange, coconut & tonka

Ruling, generous, faithful


  • Libra- notes of oak, lime and herb

Balanced, Perfectionist, Truthful


  • Virgo- notes of cedarwood, citrus, and rose

Practical, thoughtful, and reflective


  • Scorpio- notes of citrus, cedar, and lavender

Self willed, purposeful, unyielding